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The original and best in Huddersfield

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Live Escape Huddersfield

The Live Escape Huddersfield hosts two completely different, utterly convincing, brilliantly designed, exciting live escape games that take place in totally believable sets.

Bring a team you can trust – your bid for freedom depends on teamwork!
You will be locked in an authentic setting for 60 minutes, with no apparent way out. You must work together with your team to solve a series of puzzles, mysteries and find hidden clues to gain your freedom.
Pit your wits against our fiendish plots and follow the clues to escape
to freedom. But beware, the clock is ticking and you will need logic, lateral thinking and imagination to follow the clues and think your way out of our totally authentic game rooms.
The Live Escape Huddersfield is the perfect challenge for:




and ideal for:

Work Colleagues

Team Building

Corporate Events

Live Escape Huddersfield

Feel the tension rise as the clock clicks down from 60 minutes to zero.

At the end of every escape we set up a Team Photo as a souvenir and proof of your ingenuity in the face of danger!


  • A fabulous way to spend an hour and test those brain cells.

    The whole experience was challenging, fun and just a tad tense as we tried to solve the many clues to aid our ‘escape’. It was also a good way too to recognise and discover the various talents, or not, your ‘cell mates’ have. We’d definitely recommend this great experience.

    Live Escape Review
  • Absolutely loved it!

    When we went in the woman was friendly and helpful and explained everything we needed! The room itself I found really fun and enjoyable but challenging, although clues were given throughout which helped. We didn’t escape in the end but I would 100% visit again!! I would recommend this to anyone.

    Live Escape Review
  • Brother’s 40th Birthday

    None of us have ever done one of these escape room challenges before, so were new to it! It was well run, staff really friendly and kept it fun by giving us the odd hint if we were getting a bit stuck! We made it out I’m happy to say, with 1 minute to spare.

    Would def recommend. Best with at least 3/4 people in your group.

    Live Escape Review
  • Had a great time here!

    The game was explained well for us as well as getting us excited for it. Great hour (or less depending on how good you are) to spend in Huddersfield. Will definitely visit the new bigger site when it’s open! Thanks again!

    Live Escape Review
  • Loved, loved, loved this!

    The young gentleman who looked after us was brilliant and couldn’t have been more helpful. The puzzles were perfectly pitched – got the grey matter working but not too difficult that you lose interest.

    And it gets really tense as you watch the clock counting down! Absolutely, definitely, 100% recommend this place – brilliant.

    Live Escape Review

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