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Live Escape Huddersfield

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

We can’t tell you too much as we don’t want to spoil the game but expect something fun and unique. We ask if you could please arrive 15 minutes before your time slot so we can give you a run down before you enter the game. This is where you will have the chance to ask our staff any questions you may have.

How do I book?

It is very easy to book online through our booking page. Select the number of players, then a chart will appear for dates and times available, select one of these slots and complete the booking with the payment. Please ensure all cookies are enabled if you are having any trouble.

How many players can play together?

We allow 2-6 players per session. We believe that the game is most enjoyable with 4 players as there is a lot to do throughout the game.

Is there an age limit?

It is advised that under 16’s are accompanied by an adult. Some tasks in the game could be a little complex for young children to do alone although we have many children enjoy the room when playing alongside adults. There are no physical demands involved with the game.

What should I wear?

Whatever you would like to wear, it is completely up to you. You do only have 60 minutes so do take into consideration there may be a little bit of a rush so we wouldn’t advise high heels.

Will I be scared? What if I need to leave the room?

The game is not made to scare anyone so don’t worry about that. There is an emergency exit if it is required and staff observe the room at all times incase you need to leave. Please note that if you do choose to leave the room you can not re-enter.

Will this be too hard for me?

It’s never too hard for anyone. Our game is carefully designed to ensure it is not too easy but also not too hard for your group. We also can provide you with hints and clues where necessary throughout the game.

How much does it cost to play?

The price depends on the number of players. The more people play the cheaper it becomes for everyone. You can see the prices on our booking page.

How do I get to the live escape?

We are based on Thistle Street to the south of Huddersfield town centre, opposite Sandal BMW and very close to the John Smiths Stadium. Once you get to this location you should hopefully spot our signs. Take a look at our map and once you are close to our location if you are struggling to find us you can always give us a call and we are happy to come out and show you the way in.

Is there somewhere to park?

Yes, there is plenty of parking. There is a £2 all day carpark across the road and we also have street parking outside the live escape which is 70p for an hour, this is normally the best place to park and is not often busy.

Once my booking is confirmed can I cancel?

We are sorry but once your booking is confirmed we can not change, reschedule, refund or cancel the booking so please ensure you have selected the correct time and date before confirming your booking.

I have a disability can I still play?

We want to make the game enjoyable for everyone and the main aspect is thinking and teamwork. We recommend that at least one of the team members does not have mobility difficulties. We always try our best to accommodate everyone so please contact us if you need any special requirements.

I am claustrophobic, can I still play?

Certainly, the room is spacious and although you are locked in there is an emergency exit if required. A staff member is observing the room at all times incase you need to leave.

I am pregnant, can I still play?

Certainly, there is no reason why not. We do not require anything physical during the game. You can take it as slow or fast as you like and we have places where you are able to rest/sit down if required. We also have an emergency exit which players are able to use at any time.

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  • A fabulous way to spend an hour and test those brain cells.

    The whole experience was challenging, fun and just a tad tense as we tried to solve the many clues to aid our ‘escape’. It was also a good way too to recognise and discover the various talents, or not, your ‘cell mates’ have. We’d definitely recommend this great experience.

    Live Escape Review
  • Absolutely loved it!

    When we went in the woman was friendly and helpful and explained everything we needed! The room itself I found really fun and enjoyable but challenging, although clues were given throughout which helped. We didn’t escape in the end but I would 100% visit again!! I would recommend this to anyone.

    Live Escape Review
  • Brother’s 40th Birthday

    None of us have ever done one of these escape room challenges before, so were new to it! It was well run, staff really friendly and kept it fun by giving us the odd hint if we were getting a bit stuck! We made it out I’m happy to say, with 1 minute to spare.

    Would def recommend. Best with at least 3/4 people in your group.

    Live Escape Review
  • Had a great time here!

    The game was explained well for us as well as getting us excited for it. Great hour (or less depending on how good you are) to spend in Huddersfield. Will definitely visit the new bigger site when it’s open! Thanks again!

    Live Escape Review
  • Loved, loved, loved this!

    The young gentleman who looked after us was brilliant and couldn’t have been more helpful. The puzzles were perfectly pitched – got the grey matter working but not too difficult that you lose interest.

    And it gets really tense as you watch the clock counting down! Absolutely, definitely, 100% recommend this place – brilliant.

    Live Escape Review

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